Infinity Instruments – The Eiffel Tower

Own a little piece of Paris with this beautiful Eiffel Tower clock. Comes with a small glass covered dial down at the bottom brace. This piece is just amazing! Made of metal, it measures 7 X 7 X 17 inches and weighs just a pound.

BUY – $34.00 – $38.00

Butterfly Time Fly Clock – Black

What an amazing piece. Sure it tells time but it says so much more. It’s modern and contemporary design shows butterflies flying out from the clock as a representation of time and the important moments of life that fly away. It comes in Black (shown), Red and White with 3 different sizes of butterflies so you can show it off on the wall however you like. Measures almost 12 inches around and requires one AA battery.

BUY – $10.99 – $12.99

Kikkerland Ultra Flat Multi Color Clock

It’s said to be one of the thinnest clocks in the world at .55 inches wide. It has an accurate super quiet stepping movement so you won’t hear much out of this beauty. Uses one button LR1130 batter that’s included. Measures 14.2 x .55 x 14.2

BUY – $30.99 – $32.99

Infinity Instruments Spangler Clock-Red

What a nice bright red Infinity Instruments metal clock. Red and Silver metal hands. This clock will brighten up any room it’s in. Measures 12 x 12 x 12. Put this beauty on your wall!

BUY – $26.00 – $28.00

Luminous Key Lime Silent Clock

If you like the key lime color then this clock is definitely for you and your home. This is a nice non-ticking silent clock so it won’t drive you mad! Requires 1 AA battery that is included. Flat lens that covers the clock face so dust and debris won’t get in. Measures 9.75 x 1.75

BUY – $24.00 – $26.00

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